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How I passed the PMP Examination

PMP Certification

I’m extremely relieved that the journey to get my PMP is finally over. The process from submitting my application to taking the test was nearly 1 year long. What happened in between is a very long story. A project manager getting their PMP is a HUGE achievement. I want to share my process to PMP Aspirants.

So happy that i had to share the good news on linkedin.

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Totally shocked how quickly I saw Congratulations after I click the end the exam button.

The test was extremely difficult for me. I am slow reader and my pace was horrible. I was getting a headache and my mouth was extremely dry at the 90th question with 100 minutes left! I had to use the restroom but had to make it quick because I knew I was behind in my time.

I always thought 4 hours was long and didn’t realize time went FAST!

I was at question 190 with 14 minutes left, marked 30 questions reviewed but just stopped after only looking after 3. I’m sure I got lot of wrong going fast. My eyes were getting extremely tired and blurry.

I studies for 1 month last year until I got the audit I lost the motivation. Fast forward 1 months ago I got an email stating my app will expire. That’s when I decided to start studying again and schedule a test time

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My PMP Exam study material:

  • Joseph Phillip from Udemy for the 35 hours (link)
  • Rita book 6th edition based on the 4th edition PMBOK (link) Yes this is the older edition of the PMBOK, but i had it and many of process was still relevant. I just knew which names were changed
  • PMBOk 6th edition, Buy the book or get the PDF version.
  • YouTube videos
  • Mobile App PMP Exam Mentor
  • Mock Exams. I used PMtraining.
    • My scores were garbage after 3000 questions
      • Closing 80.77%
      • Executing 72.53%
      • Initiating 69.03%
      • Planning 65.50%
      • Monitoring & Controlling 63.55%

Despite the Low Scores in PMTraining, I passed with Above Targets

The test was brutal but I think the study process was even worse. Had to make a lot sacrifices but had to get extremely aggressive and passionate about PMP.

It kind of felt like when I buy a new car or television. You know when you become an expert about different SUV models and OLED or UHD 4k television and your friends and family are tired if you talking about it

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My suggestion is take 35 hour course then apply. Schedule your test in next 30 days.

3-4 weeks of studying is all you need. Once your back against the wall your brain will go into survival mode and become hyperfocus.

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