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Using the 6 P’s to maximize your outcome

The 6 Ps’ are   Prior, Planning, Prevents, Piss, Poor, Performance

I learned the 6 Ps’ when while in the US Army.  Now the ARMY or Military in general uses tons of acronyms.  It’s to keep things complicated and make them simple.  The 6 P’s is what was instilled in me since day 1 of my military experience. It has been seared into my brains and I will be forever grateful knowing that I use this to prepare for any projects.

Many people do things adhoc and at times are perfectly fine.  Minor tasks do not really require a whole lot of thought in it.  But on the battlefield is totally different and it’s obvious that planning is very important.

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Chaos in the battlefield is always inevitable.  It’s known as the FOG of war.   What you previously planned can go totally haywire and you need to be prepared for it.  In the civilian world we call this identifying Risks and Issues.

In corporate america there is always a fear of company reorganization or key staff members either resign or get fired.  This happens all the time but on the battlefield it can literally kill you.  Therefore  utilizing the 6 P’s is more important than ever in that situation.

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When mission orders are sent from the Generals it gets relayed down to the company officers and then back to the NCO (Non-commissioned Officer) .  The platoon sergeants and lieutenants will then relayed the message to the squad.  We go over the meeting everyone and ensure everyone from the Private to the squad leader understands the mission.  This way if there is a casualty the mission can still continue.

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One of the most important tools that will help you create the the 6 P’s is utilizing checklists.   Speak and ask many questions and so you can create your own checklist.  Ensure you following the checklist and marking them down when they are completed.

Follow these steps and you can surely be prepared.

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