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PMI’s Talent Triangle Explained


PMI says that Technical skills are the core skill set to project management but there other skill sets that are equally important.

In my personal opinion the basic fundamental of project management is actually very easy. Now what separates successful project managers is their canning ability to communicate and develop relationships with various internal/external organizations.

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Traditionally, Hiring Managers and Headhunters look at your resume to see if it meets certain qualifications for a particular job. But there is a huge gap when you only focus on one side of the job seekers talent. Consider looking at all 3 sides of the Talent Triangle to find the perfect candidate.

The Triangle is comprised of the following three areas and I explain how I gained these important skills.

1. Technical Project Management – Having a technical acumen especially in the IT field is very important to the success of a PM. Non technical PM’s rely heavily on SME’s and Architects to help them understand requirements.

This skill set can take many years of work in a particular industry to master. New PM’s need to fully emerge themselves into the role and make every effort to fully understand the required technology. Shadow coworkers and take the time to really learn about how they go about doing their job.

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2. Leadership (most Important according to PMI) – I had the perfect opportunity of gaining leadership skills while in the US Army for 5 years. This training was very valuable to me and helped me in many occasions throughout my career.

Trust me Leadership is not something you can read in a book and expect to master it. There is only one way and that is to DO and take action. Volunteer at a charity event, join an organization such as Toastmasters, or help at your child’s school PTO.

You don’t have to seek leadership roles in your current job, there are many more opportunities you can consider.

3. Strategic and Business Management – This skill set is very similar to the Technical side of project management. My business degree at Georgia State University provided me the fundamentals of operating a business.

It is important that PM’s have both a strategic and industry knowledge about the business they are in. Have a true understanding of your company’s business objectives. Find ways to improve on processes and improvements to the company’s bottom line.

PMI really did a good job in identifying the true aspects of “TALENT” in Project Managers. Maximizing all three sides of the Talent Triangle will allow a PM to surely become Rock Star in their organization

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