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PMP 49 Process Flows Main Inputs and Outputs

The PMBOK is basically a technical manual and it’s rather difficult to read if you want to understand the process flow. What I dislike about the book is that it really doesn’t flow correctly.

The book chapters are seperated by Knowledge Areas. What they never explain is that this is not how a real project flows. The way the project truly flows is up and down the Process groups. I believe the PMBOK would be much better if it created the chapters between the Process groups. Reading in that order will make so much more sense.

What I am about to share with you is a table that helped me out tremendously. It goes in the order. Actually the main main order you need to follow is the the Integration and Planning process groups. Executing and Monitor & Controlling process groups constantly go back in forth.

This table first came into mind after watching Ricardo Vargas PMP Process flow video and Praizon PMBOK Main Line Video. I basically summarized both videos into the table below. I just basically break down the key process name, input and the main output. Study this order and should help you know what a Project Manager should DO NEXT or should of done prior. But keep in Mind that the processes in Executing and Monitor&Controlling are not in order. They are much more fluid and typically does not go in any particular order.

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