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This is my first published book I ever created. I write about how to be an Authority in your skill sets and get paid for it

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Twool9 Academy

I have created an online learning academy. I talk about personal development, social media, and various other courses.

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I help small businesses, entrepreneur, and entertainers create an online presence. My services include Web Development, Public Relations, and Social Media Marketing.

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Hire me to speak at your next event. I have given 100’s of speeches and classes and topics that focuses on personal development and social media marketing. Contact me today

What am I About?

I like to talk about being Healthy, Wealthy, Wise, and share them to other people.
I want to be FOREVER a STUDENT.

I created this blog to share some of my passions. One of the biggest learning lessons in my life is the importance of gaining wisdom. You see no matter what your age you should always to be opened to learning something new. When you stop learning, you stop growing, when you stop growing then you start getting old. When you get old then death is sure to be near. You can read my FULL STORY about me Here

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