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Influencer Marketing – Is this the most effect way to advertise online?

I’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars in advertising through out my internet marketing career.  There are tons of different types of media buys and often times using influencers are not correctly placed into the marketing budgets.  It is now 2017 and company’s need to seriously need to think about making this simple change.

What is Influencer Marketing?

Think about the cool popular kid when you was in high school.  The person probably was also the best dressed with designer jeans and expensive shoes.  

Many of the lower class not so popular kids envied this person.  They wanted to be that person.  They talked like the popular cool kid.  They wanted to dress like the popular cool kid.

Another example is think about your neighborhood where you live.  Are most of the lawns manicured and hedges trimmed fairly well?   Do you feel bad if your grass looks like a jungle?  Does it motivate you to put up Christmas lights because every other house has their lights up?   Do you feel awkward that everyone else in block is driving an expensive European car while you are still driving that 215 year old Toyota?    This is known as Keeping up with the Joneses.

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Now imagine if well known brands gave away certain products to the cool kids and certain neighbors.  Will this more likely motivate others to follow the same path?

This is basics of Influencer Marketing

Brands don’t have to spend 10’s of millions of dollars to Celebrities.

Traditional Influencer Marketing is using well known celebs such as Michael Jordan for Nike and Tiger Woods for Golf.   Nowadays normal everyday talented people can be a great influencer thanks to social media sites like Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, and many more.

Popular content creators with a large following on social media are perfect people to partner with.  This is because they have a built in Audience.  Modern day consumers are much more savy and rely on “SOCIAL PROOF” to make buying decisions. The social proof eliminates any road blocks that prevent them from being a customer.

Not all Influencers are the Same.

The key using an influencer is getting traffic to your site.  Then with the traffic you want conversions!  I stumbled upon this post by Hubspot that talked about their experiment with Influencer traffic

The results were mixed for them.  But ultimately the bottom line of the experiment was that PUBLISHING GREAT CONTENT will still always be the best strategy to getting traffic to your site

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