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5 Ways to Repurpose Content

Content creators utilize many different methods to create amazing amount of content.  Additionally, there are many different ways that content creators can maximize the amount of content they create. The key is to “Repurpose Content”.


Some of the methods to create content can come from:

  1. Creating Youtube Videos
  2. Infographics
  3. Power Point presentations for
  4. Blog Articles
  5. Guest Posts
  6. Social Media Posts

That is just the tip of the iceberg on how to create content.  There are even ways to break down methods such as exactly which social media networks (facebook,instagram,or twitter) you can use.

The goal is to repurpose content by converting it from one method to another.

1.  Recycle Content

First you can create a 500 word blog post.  Take the fine points and make a Powerpoint Presentation. Next you can convert that PowerPoint slide into a video by talking over the slides.  Finally share each individual thing to Social media networks.

Basically you took one method idea and recycled it into something else.  That is how you can repurpose content.

2. Curate Content

This is even a great way to make content from someone else.  There are popular Youtube Videos that basically curate other Youtube videos and combine them into one theme. Here is a good example from popular Youtuber Evan Carmichael.

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3.  Group Similar Content

As time goes by you end up having several different blog posts.  Many times you have already put them under different categories already.  Many of the content might be outdated.  But there are some evergreen content (information that stays relevant over the years) that can be grouped together to form one overall theme.

You can group them to form a EBOOK.  Maybe even get them edited to where it can even self-publish a book

The goal is to repurpose content by converting it from one method to another. Click To Tweet

4. Create an E-Course

There has been an explosion of online courses for sometime.  In fact it’s going to slow down anytime soon.  People hunger for information.  You can take the information you already created and repurpose them into a type of paid course.  Revisit what I said back with the first method by creating a video from a blog post.  Maybe expand and go into additional details

Take a look a and see how you can create a paid course from previously created content.

5. Lead Magnet – Nurturing new visitors.

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It’s no secret that getting visitors information such as email address is still critical today.  Having a newsletter is important but you have to offer your visitors something in return for getting them onto your email list.

Look up all your stats and find out which pages are the most popular.  Chances are this is something you can scale up.  Create a PDF that breaks down the key question and let them know you have the answer for them.  Just need their name and email to get it 🙂

Embed from Getty Images

This is also known as “Trip Wire” or getting leads into your funnel.  Give them a free offer they can’t refuse.  Here are some examples.

  1. 5 things you need to know when looking for a plumber
  2. 7 important online marketing tactic you need to know
  3. 3 things that are killing your motivation

These clickbait titles work like gangbusters

Take a look a and see how you can create a paid course from previously created content. Click To Tweet

Then you can start nurturing your leads by creating an email newsletter that points to other popular articles you have previously rewritten.

These are the five steps to repurposing your content.  I could probable write a book on just this topic alone.  Let me know in the comments the methods you use to repurpose content.

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