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The Most important word in the English Language that Leaders fail to say

Many leaders fail to say these two important words in the English language.   It is so simple to say but yet why do leaders fail to say this.

Leaders do not say this often because they believe that:

  • It’s what they get paid to do
  • Why should I say it if they are just doing their job.

Just what is these two words that are often forgotten but yet can have the biggest impact on your business or organization?

It is a  simple


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That’s right just a simple thank you is the most important word that can be said by leaders.  People need to be acknowledged and recognized that what they do is important to the process and the act of showing gratitude can go a very long way in the business relationship.

But keep in mind that just the simple act of saying Thank You can have many levels to it.  The deeper and thoughtful you express your gratitude can even take you further.

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Saying thank you is another way of putting in that virtual bank deposit and can interest and can mature into a very positive dividend in the long run.

Here is to ensure that your thank you gratitude does not get watered down and can be more meaningful to the employee.

  1. Be Authentic.
  2. Repeat exactly what you really appreciate about what they have done
  3. Explain the results of the accomplishment
  4. Understand what they had to go through to accomplish
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Again, that is something that you can do or say privately but what really makes the maximum impact is when you make it a public spectacle.

  1. Get the whole team’s attention and explain what this person has done to deserve this  gratitude.
  2. Give them something  like a certificate, trophy, or a monetary type of recognition.

This will supercharge your appreciation to your staff member.   I understand that your role or position with a company may not allow you to show your gratitude like that.

Here is something that ANYONE can do.

  1. Send email to their supervisor (ATTABOY!)
  2. Positive recommendation in their LINKEDIN profile.

All this is totally free and to the receiver is priceless!

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So next time make sure you show your gratitude to your employee, peer, staff member, stakeholder, or vendor by just saying:


Please share with me some of your creative ways that you expressed your gratitude.

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