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Healthy Benefits of taking Cold Showers

I learned about taking cold showers by seeing this video about Wim Hof.  So that got me into researching the benefits of taking cold showers.

At first i thought it was crazy idea but it was easy enough for me to experiment. Listening to Tim Ferris and Reading his book Tools of Titans had inspired me to constantly challenge myself.  The cold benefits has always been interesting to me since Tim interviewed Rick Rubin on his podcast.  The man lost over 100 pounds by taking rounds of ice baths and saunas.

I figure out that this was simple enough to try out but first want to find out the benefits of taking cold showers.

It Burns your FAT!

I learned that there is such thing as good and bad fats.  The bad fat is the white fat this stored calories.  The calories that don’t get burned end up becoming your white fat.  But there is good brown fat that is stored energy.  The brown fat is used to convert heat in your body.  When your body is cold the brown is used to keep you warm

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Boosts your willpower and motivation

Many people suffer from lack of willpower.  Basically this makes us lazy and is the cause of having bad habits.  The cold shower challenge is way to push yourself into doing something uncomfortable.  Once you do it you realize that it isn’t that bad.

Improves your immunity and circulation

I use to think that the cold weather is the reason why you get sick.  That is far from the truth.  You get sick because of weakened immune system from a germ you got from a sick person.  Blood is rushed to organs in your body when it gets cold.  This will increase blood flow in your body and strengthens your veins.


Relieves Muscle Soreness and Recovery

Ice Tub from article by

Athletes have been use ice to relieve swelling and soreness.  It reduces the swelling and prevents the lactic acid that causes the soreness.  In fact most collegiate and professional locker rooms will have a metal ice bath tube just for athletes to soak

There are many benefits of taking cold showers. Here are some of mine #coldshower #motivation Click To Tweet
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That is just the tip of the iceberg!  There many other benefits of taking cold showers but those are the most important to me.






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