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Simple 7 steps to do a holiday Detox

It can be very difficult to get back to healthy living if you overly indulge yourself at the recent holiday family dinner.

There were all kinds of fabulous goodies at my Thanksgiving table.  My favorites include, dressing, candied yams, pecan pies, spiral ham, and off course TURKEY.  I like mine drizzled in declious thick gravy.

I mean it’s not Thanksgiving or even Christmas for that matter if we are not consuming these wonderful meals.

But once that is over, the GUILT and SHAME comes.  You start regretting what you did. Over ate what you should not have.  No you sulk in the pain and misery.

Actually what you need to ensure is that you don’t let this setback be permanent.  The worse thing you can do is continue with the self gorge for the next following days.  You must acknowledge that you gave yourself a wonderful treat but now must get back on track.

So what is the best way to get back on the wagon? do a Holiday Detox Click To Tweet

It is to do a full holiday detox/cleanse.  Flush out your body of all hose sugars and toxic chemicals.  Follow these simple steps to get your body back humming to it’s peak performance and recharge that metabolism start burning off those calories again..

  1. Start first thing the following morning and don’t delay any further.   Right now procrastination is the enemy and it must be destroyed.  Prior going to bed, make yourself a promise that you are going to start your full detox.
  2. In the morning you will probably have those extra carbs store in your body.  You will probably have lots of energy.  It’s important you do some light exercise.  Take a short walk. Do some jumping jacks and get your blood flowing throughout your body.
  3. Keep Hydrated.   Drink at 10 ounces of Lemon or Cucumber water.  These veggies contain anti-oxidants that help reduce swelling and keep you hydrated.  .
  4. Eat a very light breakfast of Greek Yogurt, hemp/flax/chia seeds.  The fiber from these seeds will help keep you full and remove any hunger pains.
  5. Continue to drink at least 10 ounces of Grapefruit/Orange/Lemon Juice drink once every hour.  A good mix is 40% grapefruit/40% orange/20% lemon juice.   Drink this glass once every hour.  Warning you will need to potty a lot
  6. Drink distilled water in between the citrus drink mixture. Ideally you want to drink your weight in ounces.  So if you weight 200 pounds then you need to drink 200 ounces of water throughout the day
  7. Finally in the evening, eat a very light snack.  NO MEATS.  Several stalks of celery and carrots should be enough.
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The key is not eat too much food to where your body is forced to digest it.  The goal is keep your body full of liquid and allow it to move along your body’s digestive system.  Eating too much solid food will make this counter productive.

Do this for 2 days straight and you will get your body back on track again.

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