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The Art of Story Telling


Telling a story by campfire has been a tradition since the dawn of man kind

Before Television, Radio, Newspapers, and the Internet, There were Storytellers.  The time honored art of the storytellers were told directly from their mouth to the people’s ears.

It’s one of those time honored traditions that have been slowly lost.  Before television or radio, there were story tellers.  The people would talk about great stories of the greatest hero’s of all time.  Before written communication this was the only way to pass down history thru the art of speaking.

Before television or radio, there were story tellers. Click To Tweet

Can this tradition still be relevant in today’s world?

The current mass media has taken over the old ways to communicate.

Is it still possible to work in these days?

Surely it works for little children.  Tons of little kids out there are begging for their parents read them a book before bed.  You know why? Because kids still love those old Dr Suess books and they still read them for the next generations.

But will it work for Adults? You darn right!  Everyone loves to hear a good story!

I was actually inspired by this blog post by reading Luis Galarza Google+ Posting.  Just to see the comments on the post just proves the whole point of the posting.

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Business Story Telling is the key to create audience engagement.  Most of the current advertising is a one way communication.  Just features and benefits.  Repeated hundreds and thousands of time.  Features and Benefits.

But you way how can I create a compelling story about my product or service?  It’s rather simple.  Speak to your customers.  Ask them how they use it.  You might even be surprised when they respond to you in a way that you never even thought off.

User generated stories from customers has made a huge impact on the brands and business.  Ask permission to share and see if it inspires others.  Good positive story can be viral.

Social Media has completely changed the way stories are being told. Brands need to understand that social media requires real time response which is critical in developing a relationship with their customers. Stories of your brand are shared and commented in light speed. This is very powerful concept that can shape mainstream perception of your brand.

Social Media has completely changed the way stories are being told Click To Tweet

Take notes on how politicians do it.  They are masters at telling compelling stories to ensure you vote in a particular way.  It might be because there basically selling themselves.  But you will notice that they always point to a person and share there story and see how it relates to their whole point.

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Here are some Tips on the Art of Storytelling

  • A good story has single theme which is well defined with a good plot.
  • Create a Dramatic appeal. (a Good Person, Goes through a Storm, Victorious)
  • Adapt the story to match the audience (kids, business people, students, etc),
  • Paint word pictures, using the sound, rhythm and repetition of word.

These are some of the tips that you should implement in your story telling.  Do it right and people will talk about it for many many years

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