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Securing your Internet Real Estate by buying your Domain Name


Buying your domain name is equivalent to owning your own piece of real estate.


The cheapest way to secure a piece of the internet is buying your name. Many people wait till they get popular before they purchase their domain name or social media profiles. Unfortunately that is going to be too late for you.

You might find yourself in a domain squabble.  There are domain resellers that buy up a bunch of names and sell them to you for several thousand dollars.  Domain squatting is a very lucrative business, but it’s basically a numbers game.

Take a look at twitter now and look for Justin Bieber or maybe even Drake. You will notice that there is bunch of fake accounts. People create these fake accounts because they might be huge fans or bunch of sneaky marketers that try to leach traffic off of someone else’s brand

Get your own DOT COM add content that you control

Social Media profiles that are targeted to your industry is a must. Even if you don’t plan to use that platform you should still secure the @username.

Social networks are nothing but your sales channels and you should funnel traffic to your money page (Website)

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Don’t wait any longer and secure your name today

Purchase your Internet Real Estate and buy your domain name here

After you buy your name than you need to purchase your Web Hosting Here

Watch more here on an episode of Rolling with Twool9


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