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Your Journey Starts Here


Are you ready to join Team #TWOOL9

I do not know how you got here, but I can promise you that this is going to be the best website you ever visited.  If you struggled to build and establish a personal brand and monetize it then this is the best place to start.

I have helped many businesses, coaches, online marketers, and recently Actors / Entertainers to establish their online brand identity.  Once established we go onto the next phase of monetizing it.  You have what other people want, therefore we find a way to extract it into a product or service.  People will gladly pay you for it.

Now enough of that.  Let’s get down to why you are really here

Welcome to my Blog.  Please allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Thomas Wooldridge and I have been building websites and doing online marketing since 1998.  I use to code websites using NOTEPAD and get traffic spamming search engines like Alta Vista.  Those were the good ole days where I would put up a simple website and make several hundred dollars in a few hours.  These days it’s not as easy, but the money is still there

I want to personally take your hand and walk you step by step on how to achieve your goals.  It is not that difficult if you follow my lessons.  But unfortunately, 90% of you will fail to follow the simplest of directions.  This is because you lack the discipline.  Get easily distracted and then eventually forget about it.

Why do you think that Gym’s advertise so much in December and January?  Do you know they oversell their gym capacity by 300%?  For example,  typically they can only have 100 memberships because that is the max amount of people that can be at the gym.  But during these months they triple the amount with deep discounts.   You see every gym rat knows that the Gym stays crowded in January with all the “New Years Resolutions” folks trying to get back to the gym for the new year.   Gym rats know that they have deal with all the extra folks in the beginning of the year but slowly by March it will get back to normal attendance levels.  This is because people tend to break their resolutions.

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Joining Team TWOOL9 is no different.  If this is going to be you then you might just stop right now and go watch some stupid viral video on Youtube.

But if you truly believe you are going to stick with me, be the 10% that stays committed to my program than by all means stay.  I like to be with winners and champions.  What I learned about being a mentor is that it’s actually a two way street.  Think about this,  How good did it feel when you actually did something good?  You ever “Pay It forward”?

There is a pleasure chemical in your brain called Dopamine.  This chemical is released when you do narcotics, eat rich chocolates, drink alcohol, and many more bad stuff.  Did you know Scientists confirm that giving to charity like helping others cause the same chemical release of Dopamine?   It feels good to mentor people.  Why do you think the good teachers like their jobs despite the low pay.  It’s the pleasure they receive.

This is why I created Team #TWOOL9.  This is why I want to be your fearless leader of the #TWOOL9 Tribe.  Best believe I know what I’m talking about.  I still have a huge Student Loan to prove it 🙂

I actually been blessed to have the best of both worlds with my education.  I got a formal Marketing Degree at Georgia State University and Street degree from the School of Hard Knocks.  You see I’m not talking about theories or anything like,  I have actually experienced this.

When you look back at history of business and marketing things have changed.  In the beginning of time there really wasn’t any competition among businesses.  Generally a town will have 1 of everything.  One General Store, One Bar, One Horse stable, One blacksmith etc etc.   Now we have what we call Pure Competition.  Basically there is multiple businesses that go after the same target market attempting to take away the competition’s market share.

But with Team TWOOL9 we don’t worry about that at all.  We in the business of creating a perfect USP (Unique Selling Position) where it doesn’t matter of the competition.  What matters is having people believing in your brand and paying whatever your price is.  Because you already convinced them that your worth every penny.

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Have you ever asked a friend for a referral?  Like imagine if you needed someone to paint your house and you ask one of your buddies if he knew someone that can paint the house.  If they tell you they know one and vouch for them, then you are more willing to give that person a shot regardless of what the price.  And it goes the other way too,  That painter might say,  well since you know so and so, i can give you a good deal.   This happens all the time because it makes you more confident to tell someone yes when it came from a referral.   It allows you to let down your guard.

This is way the referral business is so important.  Your brand identity is not what or how you think you are, it’s what others say about you.  What people say behind your back is your REAL BRAND identity.  Some many people are freaky confused when it comes to branding. Many are quite delusional to be honest with you.  Do you know these people?  They are so full of themselves and refuse to listen to criticism.  These people will never grow until they realize their own faults.  You have to recognize that every criticism given is not because they HATE you or want to see you fail.

Again back to focus on your brand.  Establishing your brand identity is very easy nowadays.  The problem is that you lack a system.  The process you created is not efficient yet.  I can provide you with the proper tools and guidance to ensure your website (The Money Shot) is perfected.  Your Social Media Networks (Your Sales Robot) is perfectly optimized for maximum exposure.  Then we integrate the SYSTEM, What Team TWOOL9 does on regular basis.

You see the overall goal is to make you the “AUTHORITY” for your expertise.  When you become the Authority, people don’t worry about pricing.  They just want to be associated with you because you are the Celebrity of the industry.  You are the Jay Z and Beyonce of the industry niche.

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That is what Team TWOOL9 is all about, making your brand a Celebrity Status, where you can command a large following of fans to do every one of your bidding.

Let Us being with your Team TWOOL9 Training

Step 1:

To Join Team TWOOL9 you must Subscribe to the Newsletter . (By the way did I mention that Team TWOOL9 was free?  Aren’t you glad you read the whole post and stuck with it?)  Next follow the social media accounts

  • Like the Teams Facebook Fan Page here
  • Follow Team’s Twitter Profile here
  • Subscribe to the Team’s Youtube Profile here
  • Follow Team’s Instagram Profile here

Step 2:  

Check your email daily for the training.  Be sure to read this thoroughly:

Daily Emails for Your Success

Every email I’ll send this week will have a subject line that looks like this:

[#TWOOL9] Day #: __________________

Look out for it! Open them as they come in.

But most importantly, READ it! Entirely!

 Step 3:

Follow the instructions on your Daily Assignments

  • Day 1:  What is Branding? (TEAM TWOOL9 Only) 
  • Day 2:  People Like Stories. What’s Yours? (TEAM TWOOL9 Only) 
  • Day 3:  Brand/Social Media Audit/ Creating your USP (TEAM TWOOL9 Only) 
  • Day 4:  Securing your online Real Estate (TEAM TWOOL9 Only) 
  • Day 5:  Be the Cool Kid (TEAM TWOOL9 Only) 
  • Day 6:  Finding Your Tribe / DIY Public Relations (TEAM TWOOL9 Only) 
  • Day 7:  Social Media/Blogging Calendar (TEAM TWOOL9 Only) 

PS don’t forget you need to join Team TWOOL9 so be sure to Subscribe to the Newsletter .

Again Welcome to TWOOL9.  We are about to start a beautiful relationship, I just know it.  If you have any questions feel free to contact me here

This is going to be an interesting 7 days 🙂










Thomas Wooldridge
Personal Branding and Marketing Expert
Leader of Team Twool9


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