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Top Black Friday shopping tips

black friday craziness from

black friday craziness from

I feel like I have become the Guru of Black Friday Shopping. Many people have asked me to share my best tips. So I decided to share some of my best Black Friday Shopping tips.

Black Friday shopping has completely changed for many years. I remembered it like it was yesterday while at Circuit city for Black Friday in 2002.

Prior to working at Black Friday I only heard stories and seen photos of all excitement of the black Friday experience. I refused to wake up early in the morning to get the latest deals. I only started doing black Friday shopping at around 12pm.  Off course by that time all the great deals were gone

I worked on the circuit city version of Geek Squad called the Fire Dogs. I only repaired computers but it was all hands on deck when it came to Black Friday. Everybody was a salesman that day.

Work for me started at around 3am. The line was already wrapped around the building. I was told that people was camping out since 9am of Thanksgiving day.  The doors opened up at 5am and I thought I was in Spain for the running of the Bulls. It was totally chaotic but the shoppers became normal at about 1pm. It was crazy that these people would do this just to save some money on a TV or computer.

Well I survived that day and actually participated in many more Black Fridays as a shopper.  But Nowadays Black Friday has completely changed.  Stores are now actually opened on Thanksgiving Day now!

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I’m totally against this but as a capitalist I have to understand why because at the end of the day it makes the business more MONEY!

Through the years I learned so much about Black Friday Shopping and decided to share some of my tips.

1. Have a Plan

Research what exactly you want and need.  It is so simple now because some many of the sales papers are being “LEAKED” online.  Before you had to get the Thanksgiving newspaper to get all the deals.  Those days are long gone because it’s all online!  Here are some good shopping sites.

2. Have a Team

Double or triple your man power to make sure you are getting what you need.  Even if your only looking for one item your shopping partner can wait in line to hold your space.  Sure you might get a side eye but who cares. Several years ago i had my wife wait in line with a shopping cart and I would find items and comeback to her to drop off the items.  I had the shopping cart full of everything we needed by the time we got to the cash register.

This is best way because navigating thru the crowded store can be extremely difficult with a shopping cart. Without it you can slip thru cracks in the crowd.  Also you can secure the items in your hands because i have seen people snatch items out of your cart when your not looking!

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3.  Walmart offers Tickets to reserve your item so you don’t have to wait in line

For several years Walmart had a 1 hour guaranteed in stock.  The trick was that you was basically reverse layaway plan.  You buy for the item now and pick it up in a couple of weeks.  This year 2016 for the first time in several years they no longer going to have that option.  They stating that they will have enough inventory in stock but you better get in early and not taking any chances.  2016 Walmart will be open up at 6pm, but stores might decide to handout item tickets in advance.

The stores found a flaw when shoppers were waiting in line.  They only would buy that one item and leave.  So the ticket allowed you to shop more knowing you had the product reserved.  So get there and take your ticket!

4. Look behind Cash Registers

Many shoppers decide to change their mind at the last minute.  I know you have done it on occassions.  This is why you see the strange items placed near the candy bars and bubble gum.  At Walmart, the employees even gather many of these items and seperate them in the back near the customer service returns.  They gather the items to put back in the shelfs.  Sometimes you can find the items in the carts.  Take a look real good and you just might find what your looking for!

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5. Skip Black Friday! Great Deals happen everyday!

I personally like Black Friday because it’s an experience!  You can feel the tension and stress in the air.  From time to time there might be a fight or too.  It’s feels like a train wreck is about to happen.  But many people don’t like to deal with the crowds, which i totally can understand.

There is always Cyber Monday.  That is the day following Black Friday where all the online manufacturers such as Amazon is suppose to put out their deals.

Other than that there are deals everyday.  My favorite two sites I use to find deals are:

Slick Deals and Fat Wallet

I learned about these two sites while working at Circuit City.  Everyday someone is sharing amazing deals.  They use tricks like coupon stacking or secret urls to create the ultimate discounts.

Refurbished items are also a perfect way to get a huge discount on items.  Products like Apple, Dell, HP, and many more have refurbished outlets.  During the end of the year they need to clear out their inventory.  Many of them have the same warranty as if you buying them brand new!


I hope you like some of my top black friday shopping tips.  Again don’t get upset if you missed your opportunity to get that special toy your child wanted really bad. You got 30 more days left before Christmas and I’m sure it will be available then!

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