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Expand your circle of Friends

Are you the smartest person in your circle of friends?  You might think that is a worthy accomplishment.  Actually it could be because of some selfish self satisfaction that you want to be.  This just needs to be temporary because you could be in serious trouble if you keep it this way for a long time.

Just like anything else you need to be challenged in order to grow.  When you stop growing you die.  That is an actual fact.  Your brain needs to be in constant motion or else it will be bored and wither away.

The reason why you don’t want to be the smartest person is because of the lack challenge in your conversations.  You might even notice that you have different conversations between people in your job vs family vs close friends.  There is a reason for that.   Have you ever noticed if you go back to your hometown that your language and even your accent changes?  Your conversations and how you say it changes according to your environment.

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Here is some tips on how to expand your circle of friends:

1.  Get a Mentor:  I can not stress the importance of getting a mentor.  Mentors will tell you like it is.  The problem is that friends and family don’t want to hurt your feelings.  They might white wash and sanitize their negative comments in hoping not to hurt your sensitive feelings.  Thus a real good mentor will tell you like it is.  They might be harsh but their just keeping it real in hoping you will succeed.

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2. Follow the leaders:  Who is the leaders in your marketplace?  Follow the on twitter, facebook, or wherever social media platforms they tend to hangout.  Usually they will have their own community of people.  It’s very good to be around people that have common beliefs.

3. Join an Organizational Club:  As an adult it can be difficult to get new “friends”.  Normally if you go to a house party it’s people you know.  So the easiest way is to join an organization with like interests.  Check out your local Chamber of Commerce, Chess Club, Shriners, American Legion, or my favorite Toastmasters.

4.  This place is wonderful when your looking for a targeted group.  They have a big range of different activities that many people can participate.  I seen meetups for hikers, bowlers, bikers, singles, married, business networking, and even the weirdo stuff.  It’s all there

These are some simple strategies to expand your circle of friends.  The most important thing you want to is always challenge yourself.  Try to stretch yourself out of your comfort zone.  Follow these simple steps and you’re on the road to success.

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