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The Elements of Decision Making | Peter Drucker

The 6th chapter of The Effective Executive is about learning  the elements of the decision making process.

It’s not an executive position nor a requirement that they make a decision on every issue.  Based on the previous chapters, you figure out how to concentrate only on the important ones.

Drucker outlines the elements in the Decision process

  1. Is this a generic situation or an exception
  2. What objectives need to be reached?  Minimum goals or condition of the outcome for the decision
  3. Start with what is right rather than what is acceptable
  4. Convert decisions into actions
  5. Feedback is built into decision to provide continuous testing.

Again, it all depends on what level you are within the company to tackle which tasks are the most important.  I think it’s important to keep in mind that decisions can be fluid.

Meaning that you should be able adjust according the actual feedback you’re getting.  That is why Drucker is saying in the 5th process to do continuous testing.

It’s ok to stick to a decision as previously stated but making minor adjustments to the decision is critical as well.

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