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5 Life lessons from the TV Show Westworld

Westworld has been a runaway hit on HBO, but do you really understand that their are some serious life lessons from it?

I heard many rumblings online about the TV show Westworld.  In fact, I heard about this show while filming in one of the entertainment papers.  Apparently there was numerous sex scenes and many of the actors were getting underpaid.

So when the show came one I figured it was just another sex type shows HBO has been known for in the past.

But the curiosity got the best of me after they started to air the 7th episode.  My Facebook and twitter timeline kept on talking about the show so I had to just check it out

I saw the first episode and was hooked.  By the end of the day I ended up binge watching and caught up to the episodes and I was all in.  This show is what you truly call a mind fuck.  It really trips you out.  I haven’t been this intrigued since I started watching the tv show Lost.  Now that was a trip.

What I found is that this show really digs into the mind of the human.

Westworld has been a runaway hit on HBO, but do you really understand that their are some serious life lessons from it? Click To Tweet

Off course we are obviously on track to have sex with robots that look like human.  Think about how this whole cyber sex evolved since the time the internet got started.  It’s just a naturally obvious way it’s going.

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But here is what I learned.

1. We all have a narrative

On the Show,  Narrative is what they program into each AI Robot.  Basically what is there occupation, personality, what do they do every day?  It is just there current story of what they do day in and day out.

Are you finding yourself stuck at doing the same job? Want change?  Well change your narrative.  Let it be something who you are

2. We all live in a loop

Every day we wake up at the same time.  Eat the same breakfast or not, then drive to work.  Get home from work, fix dinner, watch TV, goto bed.  Wash, Rinse, and Repeat

Sound familiar?  Many of us settle to the same routines in life.  I know it can be comforting for many of us, but every now and then this can be shaken up, whether by choice or not.

We Live in a Narrative, Are you finding yourself stuck at doing the same job? Want change? Well change your narrative. Let it be something who you are #WestWorld Click To Tweet

3.Suffering and Pain is what makes us

The sins or tragedies of our past can make us to who we are today.

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I remember a story of two twin brothers.  One twin brother was an alcoholic and in jail for robbery.  A reporter who was doing a story on the twin asked the brother in jail, “Why are you in Jail”,  he responded,  “I can’t help it my dad was an alcoholic who abused me”.   The reporter later went to the success law firm that the other twin worked at.  He asked him,  “How did you become a lawyer  and work at this prestigious law firm”..   The other twin brother responded.  “I can’t help it, my dad was an alcoholic who abused me.

Same answer but two different results.   The choice is yours to make as to which path you will choose

Most of us Live in a Loop, Every day we wake up at the same time,work, fix dinner, watch TV, goto bed. Wash, Rinse, and Repeat #Westworld Click To Tweet

4. Certain people want to achieve self Actualization

According Maslow Hierarchy pyramid, many people never really achieved the top of the pyramid to find out what their self actualization is.  Now for those small % they seek to make this.  It has become there life long goal in life.

Maslow Hierachy of Needs from Storify

Majority of us just are settled in our own ways.  Don’t want to ruffle up their feathers.   Very hesitant to make a fuss or even doing any type of change.

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5. Humans need rules to live by

You have to put Westworld in the perspective of the modern day shoot-em up type game.  Very popular games like Call of Duty or Grand Theft Auto has extreme violence in the games.  Please are shooting , robbing, and fighting.   You might not think that this is serious but think about where do we go from here?

That is why the show Westworld is just the next level of today’s gaming culture.  Why not immerse yourself into the game.  Like today when your player gets killed you don’t really die.  Just restart the game and start all over again.  You have multiple lives to get you back playing.

Westworld is the natural growth of what to expect.


Granted the writers of the show are humans.  So naturally they will put their insight into the writing of the story.  At the end of the day art often imitates life.   It’s very much possible that Westworld is just realistic enough to become truly possible.

During the 1850’s people that it was crazy to fly.   Traveling to the moon was impossible.  But fast forward 100 years later and this not impossible but just normal.

With that being said where do you draw the line?  Please share you thoughts in the comment section.

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