The Summary of The Effective Executive by Peter Drucker

This chapter really summarizes everything you learned in the book. Chapter 1 – Effectiveness can be learned Chapter 2. Know thy time Chapter 3. What Can I contribute Chapter 4. Making Strengths Productive Chapter 5- First things First Chapter 6 – The elements of decision Making Process Now here we are with chapter 7 “Effective Read more about The Summary of The Effective Executive by Peter Drucker[…]

Expand your circle of Friends

Are you the smartest person in your circle of friends?  You might think that is a worthy accomplishment.  Actually it could be because of some selfish self satisfaction that you want to be.  This just needs to be temporary because you could be in serious trouble if you keep it this way for a long Read more about Expand your circle of Friends[…]

The Effective Executive – Effectiveness can be learned

“The Greatest Wisdom not applied to action and behavior is meaningless data” One of my most favorite business books of all time is Peter Drucker’s The Effective Executive.  Peter Drucker is an author of more than 30 books and is a Professor who has taught thousands of students.  This book was written in 1967 but Read more about The Effective Executive – Effectiveness can be learned[…]

5 ways of becoming an Authority

There is always that one go to person for whatever subject there is.  Whether you need a plumber, electrician, historian, or whatever there is a person that is an authority in that subject. Getting authority doesn’t always happen in an instant.  Sure sometimes a persons mere appearance will grant them authority.  For example Police, Politicians, Read more about 5 ways of becoming an Authority[…]

PMI’s Talent Triangle Explained

PMI says that Technical skills are the core skill set to project management but there other skill sets that are equally important. In my personal opinion the basic fundamental of project management is actually very easy. Now what separates successful project managers is their canning ability to communicate and develop relationships with various internal/external organizations. Traditionally, Read more about PMI’s Talent Triangle Explained[…]

What does it takes to be a Great Leader

How can people strive to be a great leader? This is the million dollar question.  There are tons of books about this topic.  You can research all the great leaders like George Washington,  Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, JR, and many more.  Do they all share a certain trait to be a great leader? I have Read more about What does it takes to be a Great Leader[…]