The Summary of The Effective Executive by Peter Drucker

This chapter really summarizes everything you learned in the book. Chapter 1 – Effectiveness can be learned Chapter 2. Know thy time Chapter 3. What Can I contribute Chapter 4. Making Strengths Productive Chapter 5- First things First Chapter 6 – The elements of decision Making Process Now here we are with chapter 7 “Effective Read more about The Summary of The Effective Executive by Peter Drucker[…]

The Elements of Decision Making | Peter Drucker

The 6th chapter of The Effective Executive is about learning  the elements of the decision making process. It’s not an executive position nor a requirement that they make a decision on every issue.  Based on the previous chapters, you figure out how to concentrate only on the important ones. Drucker outlines the elements in the Read more about The Elements of Decision Making | Peter Drucker[…]

Keeping First things first

Drucker says, “There are always more important contributions to be made than there is time to make them.” The previous chapters talked about time being the most precious thing that cannot be replaced.  Then again there are so many things that an executive needs to contribute. Like the old saying goes, so much to do Read more about Keeping First things first[…]

Peter Drucker – Making Strengths Productive

“One feeds the opportunities and starves the problems” I have been on numerous job interviews throughout my career.   What I concluded was that 99% of the hiring managers were basically looking for one thing.  My organization has gap and need someone with the X experience to fill it. This is where I believe failure is Read more about Peter Drucker – Making Strengths Productive[…]

Peter Drucker Effective Executive – What can I contribute?”

“What can I contribute that will significantly affect the performance and the results of the institution I serve?”   Chapter 3 of Peter Drucker’s book The effective Executive is “What Can I contribute?” Peter had asked a senior executive ” What do you do that justifies your being on the payroll?” The Senior executive responded Read more about Peter Drucker Effective Executive – What can I contribute?”[…]