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Personal Branding is more important than ever

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Personal Branding is more important today than ever before.  Unlike many years ago, jobs are not permanent. The days where you work one job for 30 years and retire with a pension is long gone.


First lets define what a brand is

Personal Branding is the practice of people marketing themselves and their careers as brands. While previous self-help management techniques were about self-improvement, the personalbrandingconcept suggests instead that success comes from self-packaging.

Statically speaking most people will have more than 5 jobs before they retire.  It just the way it is, thank you Internet.

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This is why you really need to understand what your Brand is.  It’s not what you think but rather what other’s THINK of YOU?  What are your co-works saying behind your back.  Do they like it when your not in the office?

Positive or Negative, it’s obvious that you need to make corrections if it’s negative.  Because when it’s time for layoffs, you best believe they are taking that under consideration.

Listen to my full video and let me know what you think about Personal Branding


Check out the Transcripts

hey guys this Thomas Wooldridge it was another be logged in today I want to
discuss about branding in I think many people don’t understand where branding
really really means other than the fact obvious when you see brands like Nike
field for a year although the name brand clothing items McDonalds and all that we
understand that that’s what branding is we understand that when we’re going to
McDonalds on expect the same taken Big Macs and I go to a hundred other you
know the fries are going to take the same thing that I think they say because
that is they ran standard is the standard dad mcdonald’s had lived behind
that you could sustain user experiences when you go to each of a different
stores now as far as draining personal branding the branding yourself is where
it gets really confusing because no one really understand what goes on behind
the branding they just they know that the simple stuff like social media logo
but ever since really need an Abu been in social media booth a lot of different
metrics Metrix Metrix that people can engage in the past before the internet
you have focus groups you do surveys and things to get our understanding what
what what brand is now keep in mind the range now what you think it is who you
are is the brain is what others think of you
others perceive you that’s the thing that got a really personally when you
brand by you could be the average Joe Thatcher job what other people perceive
you as Gatwick where of it that’s why you go to these or any reviews which are
boss could you want to get a quick gauge like what are really stand because
in my point of view I think I’m working now with others named I say you know
what you’re not working as hard because social working twice as hard as you do
you thought you were doing a good job that’s why you gotta do these reviews
you as an employee don’t just wait for you and your review every other week you
have a check of doing ask your customers or ask your vendors that you work with
other people that you work what do you tell me how you feel should i think is
better if I tried this way or tried that you also don’t be scared because many of
us are scared of criticism right but like like 20 cliche criticisms are a
gift because without criticism also known as feedback you will have no room
to grow
you don’t know how to change that and that’s how you create a brain who you
are and that represent always try to get feedback criticisms whatever you call it
is it’s feedback is the thing that you need to know how to change yourself so
you can change it
say hey that’s not that’s not the brand and I want to represent so
member is not what you think you are is what how others perceive you that’s what
branding is I appreciate everything you looking out for my next if you like what
I say hit the like button getting questions please ask away I’m always
here for you
alright this is Thomas Wooldridge he warned I get off
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