Influencer Marketing – Is this the most effect way to advertise online?

I’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars in advertising through out my internet marketing career.  There are tons of different types of media buys and often times using influencers are not correctly placed into the marketing budgets.  It is now 2017 and company’s need to seriously need to think about making this simple change. What Read more about Influencer Marketing – Is this the most effect way to advertise online?[…]

The Solution for a dying Brick and Mortar Retail Industry

The brick and mortar industry is DYING! Macy’s just announced more store closings and soon many more. Economics have been changing since man has bartered or exchanged goods. The spice trade routes have allowed the world to connect.  Muslim businessmen would travel long distances on camels to caravan across the middle east to the Asian continent Read more about The Solution for a dying Brick and Mortar Retail Industry[…]

Understanding your Personal Brand

It’s important to understand your Personal Brand Most people know what commercial brands are. We are bombarded with advertising since we was little children.  Kids as young as 2 years old knows who Disney or even McDonalds are thanks to brand awareness advertising. But did you know that you yourself is a brand as well? Read more about Understanding your Personal Brand[…]

5 Ways to Repurpose Content

Content creators utilize many different methods to create amazing amount of content.  Additionally, there are many different ways that content creators can maximize the amount of content they create. The key is to “Repurpose Content”.   Some of the methods to create content can come from: Creating Youtube Videos Infographics Power Point presentations for Blog Read more about 5 Ways to Repurpose Content[…]

Basic Fundamentals of SEO

It’s easier to just focus on the basics fundamentals of SEO I have been doing Search engine optimization (SEO) for well over 15 years. Throughout the years I came to this simple conclusion:  Just focus on the basics! My advice to clients is to not really dig to deep into it, unless you plan on becoming Read more about Basic Fundamentals of SEO[…]