My Favorite Table Topics Question for Toastmasters’ Meeting

One of my most favorite parts in a Toastmasters’ Meeting is the table topics portion.  It’s fun because you catch people on their toe’s while speaking.  It’s really a fun exercise to get your mind wondering.  If you’re like me then you tend to answer the questions in your own mind even if you are Read more about My Favorite Table Topics Question for Toastmasters’ Meeting[…]

Understanding your Personal Brand

It’s important to understand your Personal Brand Most people know what commercial brands are. We are bombarded with advertising since we was little children.  Kids as young as 2 years old knows who Disney or even McDonalds are thanks to brand awareness advertising. But did you know that you yourself is a brand as well? Read more about Understanding your Personal Brand[…]

Twitter Training for Actors – Singers and Entertainers

This a Twitter training Webinar I did for Actors, Singers, and entertainers.   Twitter is the goto social media platform for the entertainment industry in general. Twitter makes it easy for normal every day consumers to get access to top celebrities and key decision makers. I explain the basics on how to get started on Read more about Twitter Training for Actors – Singers and Entertainers[…]

WordPress Training – How to post on a blog

If you know how to use Microsoft Word then you will know how to post on a blog.  Wordpress is a content management system that makes it extremely easy to maintain a blog Here is the training video to show you just how simple it is Comment if you have any questions. Feel free to Read more about WordPress Training – How to post on a blog[…]

Healthy Benefits of taking Cold Showers

I learned about taking cold showers by seeing this video about Wim Hof.  So that got me into researching the benefits of taking cold showers. At first i thought it was crazy idea but it was easy enough for me to experiment. Listening to Tim Ferris and Reading his book Tools of Titans had inspired Read more about Healthy Benefits of taking Cold Showers[…]

The Elements of Decision Making | Peter Drucker

The 6th chapter of The Effective Executive is about learning  the elements of the decision making process. It’s not an executive position nor a requirement that they make a decision on every issue.  Based on the previous chapters, you figure out how to concentrate only on the important ones. Drucker outlines the elements in the Read more about The Elements of Decision Making | Peter Drucker[…]

Keeping First things first

Drucker says, “There are always more important contributions to be made than there is time to make them.” The previous chapters talked about time being the most precious thing that cannot be replaced.  Then again there are so many things that an executive needs to contribute. Like the old saying goes, so much to do Read more about Keeping First things first[…]

Expand your circle of Friends

Are you the smartest person in your circle of friends?  You might think that is a worthy accomplishment.  Actually it could be because of some selfish self satisfaction that you want to be.  This just needs to be temporary because you could be in serious trouble if you keep it this way for a long Read more about Expand your circle of Friends[…]

The Most important word in the English Language that Leaders fail to say

Many leaders fail to say these two important words in the English language.   It is so simple to say but yet why do leaders fail to say this. Leaders do not say this often because they believe that: It’s what they get paid to do Why should I say it if they are just doing Read more about The Most important word in the English Language that Leaders fail to say[…]

5 Ways to Repurpose Content

Content creators utilize many different methods to create amazing amount of content.  Additionally, there are many different ways that content creators can maximize the amount of content they create. The key is to “Repurpose Content”.   Some of the methods to create content can come from: Creating Youtube Videos Infographics Power Point presentations for Blog Read more about 5 Ways to Repurpose Content[…]